Regular Monthly Board Meetings

The Braidwood Park District Board of Commissioners meets monthly on the first Tuesday of the month (unless otherwise noted/posted) at the Old Smokey Community Building located at 245 W. First St. Braidwood starting at 7:00pm.

Administration - Park District Commissioners/Board Members

President: Chris Early (2021)

Vice-President: Scott Howard (2023)

Treasurer: Rob Grivetti (2023)

Secretary/L.E.O./FOIA Officer: Josh Bolatto (2021)

Commissioner:  Andy Kaminsky (2025)

District Attorney:  Kathleen Elliott, Law Offices of Robbins Schwartz

Park board members are elected at large by the voting population within the Braidwood Park District to serve six (6) year terms.  They are commissioned with overseeing the regular day to day and long range operations of the park district.  All park board members are authorized to enforce the rules and regulations of the Braidwood Park District.

To contact any of the Park District board members listed above via email, simply send an email to and it will be given to the addressed board member.