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Curb & Leash Requirements For dogs

Pursuant to Braidwood Park District Ordinance #17-03, Section 7. 

Dogs may be taken into the Park System provided that the following requirements are met:

(a) All dogs must be held by a suitable line, chain or strap by a person which has the physical capabilities of remaining in constant physical control of said dog(s) at all times. **Electronic leashes are not permitted**
(b) Any person in control of any dog(s) will, upon creation, pick up and remove from the Park System any and all waste or droppings from said animal.
(c) No person shall walk, be in possession of, or allow to be present, any dog within any designated playground area where the sole purpose of said area is for the use and enjoyment of children. Such areas include:
(i) Lions Kiddie Park (161 North Lincoln Street. Braidwood, IL.)
(ii) Luke H. Goodrich Park (145 South Maple Street. Braidwood, IL.)
(iii) Inside areas designated as baseball or softball playing fields
(iv) Inside area designated as a skate park
(v) In any area which signs are posted prohibiting said animals.

In addition: 

- All City of Braidwood Curb & Leash Laws apply on all park grounds.

- Dogs may not disturb or harass any wildlife, other dogs or park visitors

- Excessive barking is not permitted

Any person violating any clause or provision of any section of this ordinance shall be penalized:
(a) By fine of not less than Fifty Dollars ($50.00), nor more than One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00), for each offense upon conviction thereof,
(b) By issuance of a temporary dismissal from or an exclusion from a specific area within the Park System or to all areas of the Park System in accordance with Sections 36 and 37 herein, respectively.
Each day a violation continues shall be a separate offense.

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