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The Braidwood Park District was established in 1985 after voters approved a referendum authorizing the creation of a Park District within the City of Braidwood. 

Today, the District consists of three parks:

- The Old Smokey City Park (named after the nick-name for the huge towering hills which were once located in that area left over from the mining spoils)


- The Luke H. Goodrich Park located on S. Maple Street (named after the first Mayor of Braidwood).


- The Lions Kiddie Park located on N. Lincoln St. (which was originally established by the Braidwood Lions Club and later transferred over to the Park District).

The Braidwood Park District Board of Commissioners is comprised of 5 Commissioners who are elected by the voting population of the Braidwood Park District at large to serve 6-year terms. Per state statute, Park Commissioners are not allowed to receive any compensation for their office.  In Braidwood, it is a bit different than many other Park Districts as Park Board members are considered “working Commissioners” which means that all of the administrative side of things are handled by the Commissioners on a 100% volunteer basis.

Due to the very small operational budget (approx.. $150,000/yr.) the district does not have any administrative or office staff.   District staff is comprised of 3 part-time maintenance employees who do a fantastic job at taking care of the grounds.  Since there are only 3 maintenance employees, the Commissioners also help out with the grounds and maintenance aspect of things including hopping on a mower to cut grass, doing electrical, mechanical and carpentry work and repairs.

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