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245 W. First Street, Braidwood IL. 60408

POSTED 4/10/2017:  The Skate Park is now OPEN for the season, weather permitting.  Users are reminded that the Skate Park as well as all park district grounds close at dusk 7 days a week.


The Braidwood Park District Board of Commissioners will hold a special Board Work Meeting on Tuesday April 18, 2017 starting at 7:00p.m. in the Old Smokey Administration Building (245 W. First St. Braidwood).  Discussion items will include the 2017-2018 Tentative Budget and Capital Improvement Projects.

Posted 4/13/17.

Senior Citizen & Veterans Health & Wellness Expo

Sponsored By The Braidwood Lions Club

Saturday May 20, 2017

Noon to 4:00pm

Under The Lions' Pavilion In The

Old Smokey City Park

Check Out The Senior & Veteran Expo Page For More Details!!

* NEW *

To Help Promote A More Healthy Outdoor Environment
We Have Created

Tobacco Free Zones
On Certain Parts Of Our
District's Grounds & Properties.

Check Out The
Tobacco Free Zones Page
For More Specific Details 


We Are Proud To Partner With 

The Braidwood Area Healthy Communities Coalition

To Bring


(Self-Management and Recovery Training) 

Recovery Support Group Meetings 

To The Braidwood Community

To Learn More Check Out The 

SMART Recovery Support Group Page

If You See Something, Say Something

The Braidwood Park District Board of Commissioners encourage residents and park visitors to speak up and say something 

if they witness any suspicious or illegal activities or believe any suspicions or illegal activities are taking place on

 Park District grounds.  

Callers may remain anonymous and can report any suspicions or illegal activity by calling the Braidwood Police Department at (815)458-2341 or by dialing 9-1-1 in an emergency situation.

March & April  2017 Updates

The March & April 2017 "Updates" e-newsletter has been posted on the information center page.

Posted 11/2/16:  We've updated our ordinance regarding the Regulations & Restrictions governing the use of the park system of the Braidwood Park District.  Please check out the information center page to find a link which will allow you to view all of the updated Regulations & Restrictions for our parks.


As of 4/1/14, used antifreeze will no longer be accepted.  Only used motor oil and used transmission fluid will be accepted.  Please label all containers accordingly.

Curb & Leash Reminder

Park visitors are reminded that all dogs are required to be walked on a leash while on park grounds.  The Braidwood Park District incorporates the City of Braidwood's curb & leash ordinance to ensure safety for all park visitors. 

Click here to view the city's ordinance

When the municode website appears, select "Chapter 18: Animals" from the left side of your screen.

Contact information

(815)458-3896: Main Administration Office  **NEW LOCATION**:  382 N. Center St. Braidwood** 

                                                                    (Southwest Corner of Center Street & Third Street)

(815)458-3842:  Fax

(815)458-2686: Old Smokey Building (245 W. First St.)

(815)458-3520:  Maintenance Department

Email:  [email protected]

Park District Administration, Staff & Board of Commissioners

President: Chris Earley


Treasurer: Rob Grivetti

Attorney:  Kathleen Elliott, Law Offices of Robbins Schwartz.

Vice President: Scott Howard


Commissioner: Andy Kaminsky

Grounds & Maintenance:

Brian Stellano, David Jackson & 

Jerry Curl

Board Secretary/Local Election Official/FOIA Officer:  Josh Bolatto


Consultant: Joe Cosgrove

To contact any of the Park District board members listed above via email, simply send an email to [email protected] and it will be given to the addressed Commissioner.

Park Hours, Notices & Reminders

Speed Bumps Installed: A double set of speed bumps have been installed at the 2nd Street entrance to the park.  Please DRIVE SLOWLY and WATCH FOR PEDESTRIANS.

Please do not move picnic tables located under the pavilions unless authorized to do so.  Also, do not ride bicycles or skate board on picnic table tops or seats.  This causes damage to the tables structure.

All Braidwood Park District grounds close at Dark.

No Loitering on park grounds after dark.

Gates at Second street entrance close at 8:30p.m. All vehicles must be out of the parking lots by 8:30p.m.

Vehicles entering park grounds are subject to random and unannounced free-air search by police K-9 units.  Offenders subject to fine, arrest and possible ejection from park property.  Offending vehicles subject to police impound.

Posted 11/30/16: The skate park is now CLOSED for the season. No one is allowed inside the fenced in area of the skate park while it is closed for the season.  A sign has been posted at the entrance to the skate park advising visitors of the seasonal closure.  Anyone found inside the skate park while it is closed for the season will be subject to arrest/fine for trespassing and ejection from park grounds.   Users are reminded that the skate park and all park grounds close at dark.

Posted 9/15/09: Dogs are not allowed in the Lions Kiddie Park located on North Lincoln Street.  Several complaints have been made regarding dog owners allowing their dogs to defecate and/or urinate in or around the playground area and equipment.  The Lions Kiddie park is a designated children's play area and dog waste can pose a health and safety risk to children who frequent the Lions Kiddie Park.  A sign has been posted at the entrance to this park.  Anyone who is found walking their dog inside this park will be asked to leave the grounds.  Dog owners may walk their dog(s) in the Old Smokey City park as long as their dog(s) are leashed and any waste which is produced from their dog(s) is picked up and disposed of in a trash can.

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