Playground & Skateboard Park Update

As of 6/26/20:  All playgrounds and the skateboard park under the jurisdiction of the Braidwood Park District have been reopened.  Please see the information below for more details.

Here are some details that we have posted on signage at the entrance to each location:

- Park Capacity Limits:

Lions Kiddie Park, Luke H. Goodrich Park and the Skateboard park will have a 25 visitors at a time capacity limits.

The baseball field play area will have a 15 visitors at a time capacity limit.

It will be the responsibility of park visitors to adhere to the capacity limits. Due to manpower and constraints, the Braidwood Park District will not be able to provide personnel to monitor capacity limits.

- Recommendations For All Visitors:

1) All facilities are unsupervised and are unattended facilities, visitors using the facilities do so at their own risk.

2) Anyone experiencing COVID-19 related symptoms as identified by the CDC should NOT enter any of the facilities or utilize the equipment.

2) All visitors are encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer and are encouraged to sanitize their hands before and after touching the equipment.

3) Parents or guardians are encouraged to supervise young children at all times while utilizing the equipment.

4) All visitors are encouraged to maintain proper 6-foot social distancing.

5) If 6-foot social distancing cannot be maintained, visitors are encouraged to wear face coverings per CDC guidelines.

- Facility Cleaning -

The CDC guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting of outdoor areas such as playgrounds states that routine cleaning is recommended but that disinfection is not required.

The CDC advised of the following in their guidelines for cleaning of outdoor areas such as playgrounds:

- Do not spray disinfectant on outdoor playgrounds. It is not an effective use of supplies and is not proven to reduce risk of COVID-19 to the public.

- High touch surfaces made of plastic or metal, such as grab bars and railings should be cleaned routinely.

- Cleaning and disinfection of wooden surfaces (play structures, benches, tables) or groundcovers (mulch, sand), is not recommended.

- Sidewalks and roads should not be disinfected. The spread of COVID-19 from these surfaces is very low and disinfection is not effective.

The Braidwood Park District has implemented the following general guideline for routine cleaning as recommended by the CDC.

- On a weekly basis, all slides, handrails, “monkey bars”, spring rides, swings and metal benches shall be cleaned utilizing Peroxigard® surface cleaner which will be applied using a foaming unit.

- Twice a week, all “High Touch” surfaces such as grab bars and railings shall be cleaned utilizing Peroxigard® Surface Cleaner Spray.

- In order to apply cleaning solutions to the equipment and surfaces, weather conditions must be dry (rain-free) for at least 30 minutes following application.

- All surfaces will be allowed to dry prior to allowing visitors into the facility.

Peroxigard® is an eco-friendly, non-toxic chemical which does not pose a health risk to visitors or those using the equipment. It does not cause harm to the equipment surfaces (discoloration, etc.) or the environment.