Park Locations & Information From The Braidwood Park District

Park Locations

The Braidwood Park District is made up of one central park and two smaller parks.

                       Old Smokey City Park

Located between North Center Street and North School Street and between West First Street and West Third Street. 

The physical address of the Old Smokey City Park. is 245 W. First St. 

This park features: Skate park, disc golf course, two full length basketball courts, 1.5 miles of blacktopped walk/bike path, small play area, baseball/softball fields, 4 pavilions, open green fields.

The Old Smokey Park has several TOBACCO FREE ZONES established within the park.  These areas include, but are not limited to:  Skate Park, Baseball/Softball Fields, Playground Areas.  Please visit the Tobacco Free Zones page for more details.  Appropriate signage has been posted in these areas.

                     Luke H. Goodrich Park

                       Named after the first mayor of Braidwood

Located on South Maple Street between Main Street and Eureka Street. 

The physical address of the Luke H. Goodrich Park is 145 S. Maple Street.

This park features: Large play area with swings, slides, rock climb & picnic pavilion.

The Luke H. Goodrich Park is a TOBACCO FREE PARK.  Please visit the Tobacco Free Zones page for more details.

                 Lions' Kiddie Park 

Located on North Lincoln Street between West Main Street and West First Street.  

It is approximately one block in distance from the Old Smokey City Park.  

The physical address of this park is 161 N. Lincoln St.      


This park features: Large play area with swings, slides and rocking equipment, picnic pavilion

The Lions' Kiddie Park is a TOBACCO FREE PARK.   Please visit the Tobacco Free Zones page for more details.

**Please Note**   Dogs are not allowed in the Lions Kiddie Park or the Luke H. Goodrich parks due to several incidents involving waste hazard concerns from dog owners allowing their dog(s) to urinate and/or defecate in or around the playground area/equipment.    Posted 9/15/09

About the Park District

For over 25 years, the Braidwood Park District has had the privilege of being the site for many community activities and events.   Some of the attractive features of Braidwood Park District are: 3 Baseball diamonds,2 large pavilions, 4 smaller pavilions, 3 play ground areas, concession stand, skate park, restroom facilities, two full length Basketball Courts and Administration meeting building.  The park is home to many local organizations, clubs and activities.  During the summer the park sees many events, such as baseball and softball games, soccer practices, skate boarding, basketball games and pavilion rentals.  The park is also the site for the Braidwood Lions Club Summerfest. The festival takes place on the third weekend in July, from Thursday to Sunday.  There are lots of rides, games, food, free entertainment, music, BINGO, huge flea market, fireworks display and much, much more.  The event always brings a large crowd to the park to enjoy the festivities.

The park has two large pavilions which are able to be rented out to organizations, groups and individuals for parties, bible schools, reunions, birthday parties, graduation celebrations and other such occasions.  The Lions pavilion is equipped with a fully functional kitchen and serving window.  The kitchen included two refrigerators with freezers, a three basin stainless steel sink, serving counter and preparation space.  The two large pavilions are equipped with electrical service as well as lighting as also is one of the smaller pavilions.

The park is operated by a mainly volunteer staff and a board of commissioners.  The park volunteers are citizens who dedicate several hours a week to ensure the upkeep and general maintenance of the park.  The Old Smokey Administration building is location for several local organizations who meet once or more a month.  The administration building can also be rented for small parties, meetings, organizations, and other such functions.  The building is equipped with heating, air conditioning, restrooms, tables and chairs.  The skate park was built in 2005 on the old tennis court location.  It is frequented by many local skateboarders as well as skateboarders from neighboring towns.  The two full length basketball courts are equipped with regulation style hoops and the court is laid out to regulation standards.  There are dozens of picnic tables around the area of the main park.  Citizens are able to sit under an oak tree and have a picnic lunch with their families and enjoy the outdoors.  There are two large parking areas near the baseball diamonds and the two large pavilions.  Persons who like to get out and walk can do so on our over 1.5 miles of outdoor, blacktopped walk paths.  The park has on site a concession stand that is open during baseball season, serving numerous food and beverage items as well as candy.

The Luke H. Goodrich park, named after the first mayor of Braidwood, is located on south maple street between main street and eureka street.  It has a large play area equipped with swings, slides, rock climb, small pavilion and picnic tables.

The Lions Kiddie Park is located on north Lincoln Street between Main Street and First Street.  This park is equipped with a large play area, slides, swings and a small pavilion.

The Old Smokey City Park is located north of First Street between Center Street and School Street.  The baseball diamonds as well as the administration building can be accessed through this entrance.  The Skate Park, maintenance building, two large pavilions and restrooms can be accessed off of west Second Street from School Street.

The park commissioners and volunteers encourage the citizens to use the park to its fullest capacity.  The Braidwood Park District has a rich, proud history and a bright future on the horizon.

If you would like more information on the park or its facilities, please call the park main office at (815)458-3896, by fax at (815)458-3842 or by email at

The Braidwood Park District Board of Commissioners and volunteers would like to thank you for visiting on line and hope that your outdoor experience at the park is enjoyable.