Park Grounds Park Grounds Old Smokey Welcome Sign Welcome to Old Smokey City Park 81380993 Lions kiddie park Located on N. Lincoln St. between Main and First streets. Large play area, pavilion, swings and more. 17394946 Luke H. Goodrich park Located on S. Maple st. between main and eureka streets. Large play area, swings, pavilion and more. 17394920 Goodrich Park Playground 166191088 Welcome to Goodrich Park 166191089 Goodrich Park Pavilion and Swings 166191090 Old smokey administration building Located at 245 W. First St. 17394961 Old Smokey Administration Building 245 W. First St. Braidwood, IL. 60408 65116932 On top of Old Smokey In the 1950's and 1960's you would be able to see miles away from the top of old smokey. Today visitors can still get a good look of the park grounds. 81380994 Old Smokey Hill Old Smokey hill once towered over the tree tops and nearby homes. Over the years, Old Smokey hill as been slowly downsized. In the winter season it is still a great hill for sledding. View looking east from Old Smokey Hill. 81380995 Old Smokey Hill View looking west from Old Smokey Hill 165996451 Old Smokey Hill View looking north from Old Smokey Hill 165996450 Baseball fields 65116934 Baseball fields accessed from N. Lincoln st. and W. First st. 3 Ball fields, concession stand, pavilion and parking area, small play area. 17394919 A view from the outfield 65116935 Boys Baseball Field A view of the boys baseball field from 3rd base line. 81381007 Girls Softball Field A view of the girls softball field from the 3rd base line. 81381008 T-Ball Field A view of the Shetland/T-Ball field 165996447 Baseball field playground Located in between the baseball and softball fields, children can play on swings, merry-go-round and spring rides. 81380996 Baseball field pavilion Located in between the baseball and softball fields. 165996449 Ball field memorial garden One of the several memorial gardens that can be found around the park grounds. 166191085 Ball field commons area The common area between the baseball fields. The concession stand is also located in this area. 166191086 Ball field commons area 166191087 Basketball Court 2 full length basketball courts on the north end of Old Smokey park near the pavilions. 81381000 Basketball Court 165996444 Skate Park Rules Be sure to read the skate park rules before entering to skate. The skate park is unsupervised and is a "skate at own risk" sport. 81380997 Skate Park Rules No bicycles, scooters, homemade ramps, food, drink or dogs inside the skate park area. 81381006 Skate Park Some of the ramps and skate park structures. 81380998 Skate Park Some of the ramps and skate park structures. 81380999 Skate Park 165996441 Skate Park 165996442 Skate Park 165996443 Skate Park 165996632 Skate Park 165996631 Skate Park 165996633 Park District Maintenance Building 81381001 Used Oil Collection Used Oil Collection is held on the first Saturday of every month from 8am to 12 noon at the maintenance building. 81381004 Picnic Area Visitors can picnic under a shade tree. 81381005 Lions Pavilion The Lions pavilion is one of two pavilions which can be reserved for parties, graduations, reunions and more. The Lions Pavilion features a fully functional kitchen which can be used during reservations. 81381002 Basketball Court Pavilion The Basketball Court Pavilion is one of two pavilions which can be reserved for parties, graduations, reunions and more. 165996446 Speed Bumps at Second Street Gate Drivers entering the park from the Second Street gates must use caution and slow down when driving over the speed bumps. 81381003 Lots of little critters You can find lots of little critters that call the park home. Squirrels, birds, raccoons, opossums, geese and even the occasional red tail fox can be found around the park grounds. 165996448 Lots of little critters A flock of geese graze in the open field areas in the Old Smokey City Park. 166191091 Notice to motorist (as posted at 2nd Street entrance gate) NOTICE Gates close at 8:30p.m. All vehicles must be out of parking lot. NO LOITERING AFTER DARK. Vehicles entering park grounds are subject to random and unannounced free-air search by police K-9 units. Violators subject to fine, arrest and ejection from park property. Offending vehicles subject to impound. 88028926 Snow on Old Smokey Snow makes Old Smokey hill the perfect spot for kids and families to go sledding. 115173200 Digging out Park maintenance crews clear snow in the parking lot near Old Smokey hill in anticipation of eager sledders. 115173201 All cleared out The forest and brush area in the Old Smokey city park got a much needed clearing over the winter months. 115173202 Lit Up For The Holidays Old Smokey Administration building all lit up for the holidays. 171862444 A Festive Feel The trees in the Old Smokey City Park south parking lot were decorated for the holiday season giving the park a festive look. 171862445