Below you will find an overview of the course, a course map, rules, links to Disc Golf resources and much more. 

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 ** Hole #1 Reconfiguration Notice **

Posted 3/2/16:
In the coming months, hole #1 will be reconfigured due to the new multi-level ball field being created on top of where the tee box for that hole is currently located.  This may require the temporary closure of hole #1 until the reconfiguration can be completed and the tee box relocated.  The remaining 8 holes are expected to remain open for the time being.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Course Rules

1) All Professional Disc Golf Association Rules apply.

2) Please always be aware and courteous of pedestrians walking on the walk paths and others using the course.

3) Players should not throw until they are certain that the thrown disc will not distract another player or potentially injure anyone                 present.

4) Course is open from dawn to dusk.  No loitering permitted on park district grounds after dark.

5) Vehicles must remain in parking lots.  No unauthorized vehicles allowed on the course.

6) Park District events, activities & functions take priority use of the course and park facilities.  Select baskets may be removed for a              period of time to facilitate event needs.

7) Use caution around pavilions, buildings and other structures.

8) No open alcohol allowed on the course.

9) No littering.  Please use trash cans located around the course.

10) Vandalism of equipment, facilities or park district grounds is strictly prohibited. 

11) In the event of an emergency, Dial 911 or call (815)458-2341 to reach the Braidwood Police Department & Fire Department.

12) Report any damage to the course to the Braidwood Park District Office at (815)458-3896.

Course Closure Notices

From time to time it may be necessary for Park District officials to close the course or a portion of the course to facilitate park district events, facility rentals, activities or festivals.  If the need for closure is deemed necessary, a notice will be posted here as well as on the home page of this website. 

CLOSURE NOTICE 5/20/17:  Holes #6, #7 and #8 will be CLOSED on Saturday 5/20/17 due to community events taking place in the north end of the park.

Course Map

Click the link below to view the course map.  You may also print it out.

Old Smokey Disc Golf Course Map  (pdf format)

Course Overview

Total Hole Distance:  2,128 (white intermediate tees)
Average Hole Distance:  236.44 feet
Play 2 rounds and walk over a mile!!

Parking:  Parking is available in the south end of the Old Smokey City Park near the baseball fields (intersection of North Lincoln Street & West First Street).  Alternate parking is available near the skate park which can be accessed through the West Second Street entrance to the park.

Beginner Level Tee Color:  RED  (currently unavailable)

Intermediate Level Tee Color:  WHITE

Advanced Level Tee Color:  BLUE  (currently unavailable)

Currently, only intermediate level tees are in place.  Eventually, beginner level and advanced level tees will be added.  Information shown below pertains to intermediate level tees.  Information on the beginner & advanced level tees will be added once they are put in place.

Hole #1    ***SPECIAL NOTE FOR HOLE #1 - Hole #1 will be reconfigured in the coming months to accommodate the new ball field that is being created in the park.  More details and updated hole information will be shared as soon as it becomes available.

Intermediate Level Tees:    Distance:  190 feet.    Par:  3      
Hole Features:  Trees & Elevation
Hole Specialization:  Throw from "on top of Old Smokey!" 
Notes:  Start at hole 8 if parked in alternate parking lot and end at hole 7

Hole #2   

Intermediate Level Tees:   Distance:  225 feet.    Par:  3
Hole Features:  Trees, Woods, Other (mandatory ((white and blue tees)) & cement tee ((white))
Hole Specialization:  Throw around the left side of the marked trees for white tee (tournament play) and always for blue tee.
Notes:  Please be courteous of path walkers

Hole #3

Intermediate Level Tees:  Distance:  270 feet.    Par:  3
Hole Features:  Woods
Hole Specialization:  Time to test your anhyzer skills.   Trees along the right side of the hole may help or hurt you here.
Notes:  Please be courteous of path walkers.

Hole #4

Intermediate Level Tees:   Distance:  280 feet.   Par:  3
Hole Features:  Trees, Obstacles, Elevation
Hole Specialization:  Twin trees with hole 9 (white tees).   Hanging Basket!!!
Notes:  Please be courteous of path walkers.

Hole #5

Intermediate Level Tees:   Distance:   225 feet.   Par:  3
Hole Features:  Trees, Elevation
Hole Specialization:  Uphill hyzer shot.  Watch our for that tree.
Notes:  None

Hole #6

Intermediate Level Tees:   Distance:   215 feet.   Par:   3
Hole Features:  Trees, Elevation, Dunes.
Hole Specialization:  Welcome to Mt. KillScore!!
Notes:  Good Luck!!

Hole #7

Intermediate Level Tees:   Distance:   385 feet.   Par:  3
Hole Features:  Elevation, Distance.
Hole Specialization:  Bring out the big guns for this bomb of a home and try not to get "stumped"!!
Notes:  Please be courteous of path walkers

Hole #8

Intermediate Level Tees:   Distance:   250 feet.   Par:  3
Hole Features:  Trees
Hole Specialization:  Split the trees for a field goal ace!! 
Notes:  If parking in the alternate parking lot by the skate park, start at this hole.  Please be courteous of path walkers

Hole #9

Intermediate Level Tees:   Distance:   248 feet.   Par:  3
Hole Features:  Cement tee (for white tees)
Hole Specialization:  Twin tees with hole 4 (white tees), cement boxes.
Notes:  Please be courteous of path walkers and baseball players.

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Disc Golf Online Resources

Here are a few helpful links

Official PDGA Disc Golf Rules:  http://www.pdga.com/rules/official-rules-disc-golf

Local Disc Golf Store:  http://www.acesandchains.com/

Local Disc Golf League:   http://jtowndiscgolf.com/content/home.php

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